Tallinn Stag Do

Whatever you decide to do on your Tallinn stag do or lads weekend in Tallinn, do NOT miss this one, in fact, if you only have enough money to do one thing then this is it! It's VIP all the way, including your OWN PRIVATE CLUB!

Guys, we have your whole evening covered!

We give you two options but we strongly suggest you include our Tallinn bar crawl with the main event and spend the whole evening with us!

You can book our MAIN EVENT which is almost 3 hours OR you can book the MAIN EVENT + BAR CRAWL for a whole evening of fun and craziness! You will then spend 4+ on your own private Tqila bar crawl after the main event, including a FREE strip club tour to the best Gentleman's clubs in Tallinn! We finish the night at one of Tallinn's best nightclubs.

Our bar crawl is a service we only offer our guests that book our main event. It would cost your group way, way more to crawl the bars, strip clubs, and nightclubs yourself but what would the fun be in that ;-) and as always, we include tons of things!  

NB: We do NOT offer the bar crawl separately! It can only be booked together with our main event and you select it when you book.

It's the ULTIMATE Tallinn stag do activity and you can only get it from us! 

" Tqila girls "

We have something nobody else has and that is our Tqila girls, they are exquisite creatures, sensual, sexy, naughty and fun, and together with them, you will spend a night of specially designed craziness!

This is an event like no other! We have crammed all the things you could ever hope for in a stag night into our event and we are the ONLY company in EU that offer an evening event specifically tailored for stags! 

Book this VERY EXCLUSIVE one-of-a-kind event for your Tallinn stag and we promise you the best stag evening ever!

" Bar crawl "

Our private Tallinn bar crawl is THE best ways to get to know the city by night. Depending on your preference, our guides will take you to the bars that suit your group the best and as if that was not enough, we also take you on a strip club tour.

The night is yours and it's up to you how long we stay in each bar and if we visit strip clubs, its all included but you are the BOSS! 

Our bar crawl is of course not only about bars and strip clubs, it's about having a crazy good time and we have tons of things planned to make sure that happens...


" Our Shot Wheel "

Our custom made shot wheel is a beast on its own and all shots on the wheel interact with our Tqila girls in one way or another but be aware... they are not your normal type of shots...

To make things even more interesting, we have a shot section called “Surprise”, what that is we will not tell you but every time you land there you pick your own destiny by selecting one out of 10 cards...

" Your mugshot "

All stag groups get a professional mugshot picture made as a memento from their awesome stag do in Tallinn.

We dress up the groom and 2 of his friends for this picture, the Tqila girls do the kiss marks and everything else is done in photoshop.

This is a UNIQUE service we only offer our stag groups and you all receive a high-resolution picture you can share with your friends:-)  

" It's an fantastic event "

We have created the most intense stag night ever, loaded with awesomeness as our sexy Tqila girls, food, drinks, beers, special shows, lap dances, crazy shot games with our custom shot wheel and more.  

We make sure all the guys are taken care of, but of course, the groom gets some extra perks as, cool gifts, an unlimited amount of free beers, an awesome mugshot picture, a private dance and so on.

If you included our bar crawl then we meet up after the main event and get going on your private epic bar crawl! 



We start the evening off in the right way, in your own private club! 

  • Tqila girls
  • 1 welcome drink for each person
  • Show for the groom
  • Gifts for the groom
  • Private dance for the groom
  • Unlimited beer for the groom
  • Tqila girls show
  • Awesome Tqila t-shirts for all 
  • Lap dance for all the guys
  • 2 rounds of beers for the guys
  • 6 spins on the shot wheel
  • Shot pin badges with each shot
  • Pole dancing shows
  • Private club (yes, the whole club is yours)
  • Sandwich plates
  • Bar with a professional bartender/mixologist
  • Tea, coffee & juice
  • A mugshot picture of the groom


To turn our awesome event into an even more awesome evening you need to include our bar crawl with our main event! Our EPIC bar crawl takes you to great bars, exclusive strip clubs and ends in one of the hottest nightclubs in Tallinn. NB: Our bar crawl is optional and you select it when you book!

  • Tqila guided bar crawl
  • Dares and forfeits*
  • 3 bars
  • Karaoke** 
  • A welcome shot in each bar
  • 2 of the best strip clubs (if you want)
  • Bag of delicious sandwiches
  • Entrance to nightclub***

* Dares and forfeits basically means there are challenges all the members of the stag group must do individually or as a group. If they fail or don't do them they get a forfeit (punishment).

** We record when the groom sings one cheesy love song to the bride-to-be. We edit and upload it to the group. Maybe something to show on the wedding day? ;-)  

*** This option depends on which day it is as not all clubs are open every day. These are regular tickets. If you want VIP we charge extra for that and the price will depend on which club you want VIP tickets to. 

You MUST book our Tallinn stag activity minimum 5 days in advance due to the setup requirements we have. You can ONLY book this activity online. A 50 EUR BOOKING FEE is required. The balance you pay at the location at the beginning of the event. All possible extra costs during the event are paid as they occur. We accept cash and all major credit/debit cards. 


6 to 15 guests 995 € It includes everything listed under WHAT'S INCLUDED.

BAR CRAWL: 6-15 guests - 25 € a person.

16 to 30 + guests 1195 € It includes everything listed under WHAT'S INCLUDED. 

BAR CRAWL: 16-30 guests - 20 € a person. 

NB: When you select the number of guests you will also see the cost per person (pp) next to the event cost.   


During the main event you can buy additional beers or drinks from our bar at a reduced price, all served/mixed by our professional bartender.

  • Each extra beer or drink in the bar is 5 EURO
  • Each extra shot on the shot wheel is 15 EUROS 
  • Each extra private dance with any of the Tqila girls is 50 EUROS


All shots/shooters we serve as part of our shot wheel are based on Ultra Premium 100% Agave Tequila, no cheap mixtos! All our shooters are very tasty and easy to drink, we use different mixers depending on the shot type. 


Main Event duration: Almost 3 hours including the photo shoot
Bar Crawl duration: 4+ hours
Location: Tallinn city centre 


You must be + 18 Years to participate!

You can NOT bring your own alcohol to the main event at the club!
We include a lot of drinks in the package but if you want more or something specific we offer that at a very low cost in our bar. See under PRICES.

NO picture or videos during the main event in the club if specifically not agreed with us!

If you have any questions please chat with us, write or call.



We hope we have provided you with enough information to book our awesome event. Unlike most companies selling stag activities, we are all about transparency and are upfront with the costs. We have created the ABSOLUTE most intense and action-packed night ever, all in one event for an UNBELIEVABLE price!

We know this is an important decision and if you are not ready to book or want to discuss options, please press the LET'S DISCUSS OPTIONS button and shoot us a message. If you are ready, then just press the BOOK THIS EVENT button.

NB: If you click on the booking button you will see additional information and extras we have. You will also see available dates and can see how much it will be for each person depending on the number of guests. Remember, you MUST book this event at least 5 days in advance!



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