Tallinn Bar Crawl

Tallinn, the pearl of the Baltics, still ranked among the 10 best stag weekend locations in Europe and no wonder, the bar, and club scene is fantastic and starting from this year, we, Tqila, bring a whole new meaning to the word stag night!

We have added a private bar crawl option as an add-on to our main event! 

A bar crawl means visiting x amount of bars in x amount of time but if that was all we did it would not be that much fun would it? Hell no, we do this properly, we will drink, sing, dance, play games and if you are hungry, feed you delicious sandwiches from our bag. We will visit great bars, exclusive strip clubs and end the night in one of Tallinn's coolest nightclubs and make sure we have tons of fun in-between.

Our bar crawl is a bit different than most, the goal is NOT to get you all drunk in the shortest amount of time, it's about making sure you have a fantastic stag night and that you REMEBER it the day after. Of course, we drink and do messed up things, but not to a point where it is not funny anymore.

We understand that different groups and nationalities want to do different things on a bar crawl during your stag night so we customise all the activities for each group. Some groups like dares and forfeits, some don't but not to worry we make sure its perfect for your group and needs. 

NB: We do NOT offer our Tallinn bar crawl separately, you can only book this if you booked our main event, our Ultimate Tallinn stag do


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